“M3GAN,” a new sci-fi thriller about a young girl who befriends a life-like robot, ends up in terror.

While it is a horror film, the audience will notice there is some humor. That combination is the favorite of the movie’s star, Allison Williams.

“I am not a great consumer of horror movies. Only, in so far as, they live in me for a very long time” she confessed to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “I continue to be terrified.”

So far, the film has received a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Producer Jason Blum credits storytelling as the criteria for what makes horror movies successful, and not the actual scares.

“The scares don’t work if the storytelling between the scares isn’t really riveting,” Blum explained.

“I do think, what makes horror films, or any movies in general, is relativity,” said producer James Wan. “You’ve got to able to relate to the people.”

For those a little squeamish about this genre, director Gerard Johnstone did offer some words of encouragement.

“It’s creepy but it’s funny as well,” Johnstone said. “If you don’t like horror movies, then I think you’ll still find plenty to enjoy about this.”

“M3GAN” is in theaters now.