Bruce Springsteen fans are up in arms over the cost of ticket prices for the artist’s 2023 tour.

Tickets to see “The Boss” with the E Street band were going for as much as $5,000 for mid-range level seats.

According to Variety, Ticketmaster claimed those seats “only represent 11.2% of the overall tickets sold.” In a statement to the publication, the ticketing giant claimed that “prices and formats are consistent with industry standards for top performers.”

The controversy is connected to Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing” practice. The move modifies the price of the tickets based on demand.

Back in 2018, Taylor Swift fans were upset by the same thing. A third-row seat for her show at Chicago’s Soldier Field was reportedly sold for $995 according to Rolling Stone. The price of that seat dropped to $595 just three months later.

So far Springsteen hasn’t released a statement regarding ticket pricing.

The Springsteen & E Street Band 2023 tour kicks off Feb. 1 in Tampa, Florida.