In the beginning of the pandemic when everyone took up a hobby, actor Charles Parnell did too.

The “Top Gun: Maverick” star took up baking sourdough bread, and it’s something he still does today. “My little baby Phyllis Wheatly just celebrated her second birthday,” the actor laughingly explained about his bread starter. “She’s waiting in the refrigerator.”

Parnell compared how his bread starter is kind of similar to the starter of his career. “A little starter I started with and I’ve picked little bits of myself to make the loaves that I put in the movies,” he explained.

The actor may be making lots of bread literally and figuratively, as the sequel to “Top Gun” is already a box office hit. Parnell described the entire film experience as something many actors dream of at the beginning of their careers.

“When you get a job like this and then you get the red carpet experience and all the things that have been happening, that little kid that wanted to be an actor gets a voice,” Parnell explained. “He starts to come back and you start to connect with that in a great way. Like the fantasy part of acting is really present in moments like this.”

The “All My Children” actor is already a huge fan of the film and claimed it has elements for everyone. “I think it’s a great movie, it think it really hits all the places you want a movie to be,” he said. “If there’s a couple and one’s into action and one’s into romance you can both be happy when you come out of the theater.”

Parnell described the sequel as a love story, but not in the way you may think.

“It’s a romance between people. It’s also a romance between humans and machines called jets. It’s a love letter to aviation,” he explained.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is in theaters now.