Tori Spelling is watching “Beverly Hills, 90210” with fresh eyes.

Thirty years after the ’90s hit aired on television, both she and Jennie Garth are reviewing and chatting about it on their podcast, “90210MG.”

Spelling revealed that watching the show in her 40s is a completely different ballgame.

“We’re able to watch as fangirls. We’re completely separating ourselves. I’m watching it with teenagers now,” she explained. “My daughter just started high school, and I’m like, ‘oh my God, she’s a year younger than what I was when I played Donna Martin.'”

Going back to the iconic show is something both Spelling and Garth have done before. They helped cocreate the reboot “BH90210,” which aired on Fox in 2019.

“We wanted to create something different,” she explained. “The best part of that whole experience was really getting the gang back together. They say, ‘you can never go home again,’ you can totally go home again.”

Spelling noted that the late-Luke Perry was definitely missed in the reboot. The actor died in 2019.

The actress explained that reuniting with her cast mates automatically takes her back to her teenage years.

“You regress to that teenage self again, and you forget ‘wow, we’re all parents now,'” she said.

You can listen to the ‘90210MG” podcast wherever you get your podcasts.