Celebrity trainer Corey Calliet is the man behind actor Michael B. Jordan’s fighting physique in the “Creed” movies.

Jordan credited the Los Angeles-based trainer for getting him into the best shape of his life for all of the movies, especially the upcoming third installment of the franchise. The actor is also directing “Creed III.”

In order to get MBJ fit, Calliet said it’s a combination of diet and exercise.

While people say diet is 80% and everything else is 20%, the motivational speaker explained that it’s actually “100 and 100. You’ve got to train hard, but you have to eat the same way.”

The “Blackpanther” star was put on a special diet with Calliet, which consisted of “a lot of chicken and rice.”

“It’s a little more complex than that,” he laughed to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. ” (We had to) make sure to hit the carbohydrates, keep the fats at a moderate pace and keep the proteins where they need to be because he needed the energy to get through the actual filming and directing at the same time.”

There was a reprieve for the actor, he had cheat days every weekend.

However, if Calliet noticed Jordan seemed sluggish on set he’d give him something sweet to eat to get him going.

“It was kind of a give-and-take situation,” the former competitive bodybuilder explained.

Dialing in the diet is something Calliet practices before he preaches.

“I have cheat days too though! I get it in when I need to, but the majority of the time I’m eating well.”

When it comes to working out, to get stars camera ready Calliet focuses on the shoulders and the core.

With either a resistance band or dumbbells, he does band pull aparts, side lateral raises, and push-ups.

“Form is key. If you don’t have a good form you’re not going to build a good body,” he preached.

To strengthen the core, Calliet recommends plank holds and plank rotations.

For those wanting to experience Calliet’s training, he’s set to open up his own gym in Inglewood in October 2023.

“It’s for everybody,” he explained.

You may even see some of his A-list clients even walking around as well. Another plus is the view. Members will be able to see SoFi Stadium from the gym’s rooftop.

For more information on the Hollywood coach, head to his website here or follow him on Instagram.

“Creed III” hits theaters March 3.