Garrett Hedlund has worked with several big names in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Jeff Bridges and Ben Affleck.

He’s now upped the ante by starring in the Paramount+ hit “Tulsa King” alongside Sylvester Stallone, whom he refers to as his “big brother.”

“He’s always been a wonderful supporter of mine,” he explained.

The pair met years ago when Hedlund was just 18 years old and training for the movie “Troy” at the gym of personal trainer Gunner Peterson. Ever since that chance meeting, the actor’s been wanting to work with the legend.

He was so honored to be working alongside Stallone that he brought his young son to the set to snap a photo with the movie star.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for him. What little boy has a photo with Rocky, the world’s hero, on his bookshelf?” he gushed.

In the series, Hedlund plays Mitch, an Oklahoma native, former bull rider and everybody’s favorite bartender. The “Four Brothers” actor signed on to the project much in part due to the “dream team” of filmmakers Taylor Sheridan and Terrence Winter.

“I thought the story was compelling, unique and something gripping for TV and for today’s audience,” he said.

The role may be seen as kismet for Hedlund as he coincidentally wrote a song called “Tulsa Night” a year prior to joining the cast.

“I wrote it when I was in Tulsa for something else and the stars aligned for it to be able to come out now. It’s a sweet little tune,” he said.

New episodes of “Tulsa King” air every Sunday on Paramount+. The first six episodes are available to stream on the platform.