Hillel at UCLA is hosting a special event to commemorate the rescue of tens of thousands of Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust.

The event will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 7:00 p.m. at the Speigel Auditorium and feature a screening of the acclaimed documentary “49,172.”

The film tells the little-known story of how non-Jews in Nazi-occupied Bulgaria rose up to halt the deportation of 49,172 Jews to the death camps of Europe.

During the winter of 1943, thousands of Jewish families in Bulgaria were to be deported into the Nazi death camps. The immediate reaction of a small group of people led to the prevention of this massacre. This film is the true story and recounts the events leading up to the moment when Bulgaria became the only country in the Nazi dominated Europe to save its entire Jewish minority from mass deportation and annihilation. This documentary is a very personal story for us. It is conducting a conversation between generations. It’s even more – a conversation that we could never interact with the generation before us. There was too much pain on the way of the narrative. This is a deeply moral story that deserved to be told in an engaging, original and honest way. Our goal was to create a film in which the story of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during World War II is understandable for the younger and older generations. By viewers worldwide and strikes on them emotionally, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion.” – Atanas Kolev, Producer & Plamen Petkov, Director

The screening will be followed by a lecture on Bulgaria and the Jews during the Holocaust: A European Exception given by Associate Professor Rumyana Marinova-Christidi of Sofia University.

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