“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak hinted that he could be spinning the wheel one last time soon.

“Years go by fast. We’re getting near the end. It’s been a long [time]. We’re not going to do this for another 40 years. The end is near,” Sajak told Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier. “It’s an honor to have been in people’s living rooms for that long. People were out there welcoming us. We’re happy and proud.”

While it’s a sad realization for fans of the game show, Sajak did offer some comfort.

“In most television shows by this time, you would have said, ‘That’s probably enough,’ but this show will not die,” he said.

He didn’t provide any specifics as to when he’ll make the big move.

“Wheel of Fortune” premiered in 1975. This year marks 40 year since Sajak has been at the helm.

In the meantime, he and his right-hand gal, Vanna White are focused on the upcoming Season 3 of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”

White is looking forward to Snoop Dogg’s appearance, while Sajak is hoping Meryl Streep will one day join.

“I want to see her say, ‘Come on, big money!'” he joked. “That’s all I want, but she won’t come on because she found out you can’t win an Oscar for this.”

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” premieres Sept. 25.