This year marks a decade since the last episode of “The Office,” but the show is still a hit in reruns.

Just ask actress Kate Flannery, who famously played Meredith Palmer in the series.

“The back of my head is so famous, you guys,” Flannery told Dayna Devon on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “People know the show so well. The kids, get all the references. I think it’s a smart show and I think there are a lot of smart kids that get it.”

However, when she was starting out on the show, she wasn’t sure how successful it would be, so she kept her restaurant job until Season 2.

“Once we started Season 2, and then when Steve Carell’s ’40 Year Old Virgin’ was about to come out, just as we were about to start Season 2. I was like ‘This is huge. He is huge!'”

Flannery’s character was a bit of a mess, but she didn’t seem to mind the role.

“My dad owned a bar in Philadelphia, Flannery’s Tavern. I’m fine to play an alcoholic,” she clarified. “I don’t know if they had figured out who Meredith was at first, but I think I told a lot of stories about my dad’s bar craft service, and I may have resting drunk face.”

The actress gushed that the series was the “best nine years” of her life.

She met her boyfriend on the set years ago, and it turns out they’re the original Jim and Pam.

“He was a photographer. We were like the Jim and Pam! We used to hang out in fake the men’s room on the set.”

These days, Flannery is working for a good cause.

She’s set to host the Purple Spring Gala which benefits the Alzheimer’s Association. The cause is near and dear to her heart as her aunt suffered from the disease.

“She was the smartest person, she could read a whole entire book. But, at the end of the day, she couldn’t tell you anything about it,” she explained. “Thirty years ago, she didn’t know me, and I felt like we had it easier than some folks. You know, we need to fix this because it’s touching everybody. It’s an example of a change that so many families have to face and they feel like they’re so alone.”

The Purple Spring Gala takes place on April 15 at the Skirball Cultural Center. All funds raised at the gala will go to research on Alzheimer’s.

For more information and to buy tickets, head here.