Lo Bosworth was first introduced to us as a teen in MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and a young adult in the spinoff “The Hills.”

Being so young in front of the camera for the first time took a toll on her mental health. She explained how tough it was especially during the rise of social media.

“It was definitely challenging for me,” she confessed to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “We were dealing with the opinions, not just of the people watching the show, but everybody on the internet. I think as I became a bit older, I could better understand my position on the show and really move forward.”

She has since ditched reality television and is focused on bettering the health of women with her wellness brand, Love Wellness.

“One of the reasons I eventually moved to New York was so I could get away from the entertainment industry and have a normal job and a normal life. I sort of got a fresh start here,” she revealed.

While “The Hills” has rebooted, the businesswoman has zero interest in returning to the small screen.

“I’m the founder and CEO of a women’s personal care brand. We have 30 full-time employees and I’m very happy with where I’m at right now.”

Bosworth has compiled all of her wellness knowledge in her new book “Love Yourself Well,” which suggests there’s a direct connection between brain health, gut health, and sexual health.

“Taking care of that gut and taking care of that gut microbiome is critical to women’s bodies and our health,” Bosworth explained. “The book outlines how and a five-week plan so you can heal your body if you need to.”

“Love Yourself Well” is available everywhere now.