Nestled among the other quaint shops and restaurants of L.A.’s Tujunga Village, sits a little slice of candy heaven.

Cocoa & Candy serves up fine chocolates and delicious confections year-round, but owner Joanne Goulbourne serves up an extra layer of fun for the holidays, in this case, Halloween. The outside of the shop is decorated for the season, and spooktacular treats await those who step inside.

Joanne’s mission, she says, is to make shopping for candy more than just… shopping.

“Because I want everybody to keep coming back, and I want them to have a great time while they’re here,” she told us. “I want it to be a fun family experience.”

Sure, Joanne’s boutique has many of the expected treats, like gummies and Pez. But you will also find imported chocolates from around the globe, candies from China, and items that some shoppers only dreamed of finding in the U.S.

“Occasionally people cry,” Joanne says. “We’ve had tears over a [Cadbury] Curly Wurly. Tears of joy.”

If there’s a treat you can’t find at her store, Joanne keeps a book of hand-written requests. Most of the time, she says, they’re able to deliver.

“I think we’ve got a 96% success rate. I’m on a mission. If they give me that challenge, I will take it and find your candy.”