Alessandro Zecca and Danielle Duran-Zecca’s Mexitalian eatery, Amiga Amore, is truly a labor of love.

Just like their relationship, their restaurant is a lovely mix of two cultures: He’s from Italy, she’s from Los Angeles by way of Mexico (her parents are from Guadalajara).

Naturally, they met in New York City, where their working relationship blossomed into something more.

When they moved to California together, Danielle said she was searching for her voice as a chef.

Amiga Amore's elote agnolotti. (KTLA)
Amiga Amore’s elote agnolotti. (KTLA)

And though Alessandro didn’t love Mexican food, a staple of L.A., it gave her an idea to incorporate some of her culture into the signature dishes of his culture: Pasta.

Enter some of the unique dishes at their Highland Park restaurant, which is not far from where Danielle grew up.

Now, of course, he understands and appreciates Mexican food more.

Jessica got to sample some of Amiga Amore’s dishes — including the elote agnolotti — and indicated that Alessandro and Danielle’s love for each other is clearly reflected in their food.

For more information on Amiga Amore, visit the restaurant’s website and Instagram page.