Wood-fired pizza, wings and papas at Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co. in Boyle Heights

California Cooking

Chef Mario Christerna has come full circle.

After going to culinary school, working in Spain and even starting his own catering company, Mario returned to his hometown and opened up his own restaurant in Boyle Heights late last year.

He called the endeavor, “A dream come true.”

You may think that his Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co is a nod to the New York City borough, but it’s actually an ode to where he grew up.

Everything at Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co. is freshly made in house and Mario’s passion really comes through in his creations.

Jessica got to sample Mario’s menu that includes a delicious roasted veggie pizza and Flaming Hot Cheeto chicken wings!

For more information about Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co., visit the restaurant’s website or Instagram page.

This segment aired on California Cooking with Jessica Holmes Episode 93.

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