Sonoratown is open for takeout and delivery


KTLA reporter Christina Pascucci recently visited Sonoratown in downtown Los Angeles for some authentic Sonoran-style fare.

The food in this restaurant follows family recipes and traditions from the co-owners, Jennifer Feltham and her boyfriend, Teodoro Diaz-Rodriguez, Jr.

Christina said that one of remarkable things about Sonoratown is the effort Feltham goes through to make authentic tortillas.

Feltham says she goes to Mexico twice a month every month to bring flour for the delicious tortillas made in the restaurant.  She added that they haven’t been able to find a brand of flour that makes more delicious tortillas than what they get in Mexico. This method is likely what garnered the restaurant best tortilla in Los Angeles by KCRW’s Great Tortilla Tournament.

After Christina tried one of the items on the menu, she described it as an “explosion of juice and so many flavors.”

Update: Sonoratown is open for pickup or delivery via the Caviar app.

In addition to the regular menu, Sonoratown is offering taco packages for home assembly in one and two pound formats, with tortillas and salsas on the side.

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website or follow them on Instagram.

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