It’s Saturday! April is Autism Awareness Month. The Los Angeles County Fire Department wraps up the month long observance with “SIRENS OF SILENCE,” from 9am to Noon, hosted by the L.A. County Fire Department. The “SIRENS OF SILENCE” program consists of three components:

   1) education and awareness for the Department’s first responders through a mandatory training module as well as access to visual aids and informational materials with advice and practical tips on how to approach, respond, and communicate,

   2) special needs-friendly events for residents to meet and interact with first responders in a welcoming and sensory-sensitive space; and, 

   3) safety-related items (i.e., seatbelt covers, sensory toys, etc.) for special needs patients. The Sirens of Silence program was created by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

For more information about this Saturday, April 30th, 2022, event, check the website: