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(The Hill) – Jared Kushner says former President Trump instructed his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to set up a meeting with Hillary Clinton following his political foe’s 2016 election loss in an attempt to develop a “cordial relationship.”

His father-in-law, Kushner writes in his memoir, “Breaking History,” obtained by The Hill and poised to be released on Tuesday, “genuinely wanted to help the country unite” in the days before he entered the White House.

According to Kushner, who served as a senior White House adviser under Trump, the then-soon-to-be 45th president tasked Ivanka with calling her once-friend, Chelsea Clinton, to coordinate a get-together with Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Ivanka, her husband writes, was meant to “convey that Trump had no intention of looking backward and hoped to have a cordial relationship with Hillary to unite the country.”

“He even told Ivanka to invite Hillary and Bill for dinner in the coming weeks,” Kushner wrote of Trump, who said in 2020 that he “100%” agreed with his supporters who would chant “lock her up” about the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

But, Kushner says, Trump quickly changed his tune.

“Ivanka did call Chelsea,” Kushner says in his book, “but days later Hillary backed [Green Party presidential nominee] Jill Stein’s challenge to the election, and Trump ended his outreach.”

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton didn’t return The Hill’s request for comment.

Kushner’s “Breaking History” also includes his account of former President Trump’s recovery from COVID-19, despite offering few details into how serious the illness was.

In one passage, Kushner claimed he knew his father-in-law was feeling better when he requested “one of his favorite meals,” which Kushner revealed to be a McDonald’s Big Mac, a Filet-o-Fish, an order of french fries and a vanilla milkshake.