KTLA is featuring small businesses that are continuing to serve our communities amid the coronavirus crisis. If you would like to participate and be featured on air, please use the form below to submit a video.

The key elements to mention in your video are your name, business name, city and how people can access your business. You’re welcome to include a business tagline or greeting. Here’s a sample script:

“Hi, I’m John Smith from John’s Sandwich Shop in Studio City. We are open for business! Call us or go our website at johnssandwiches.com. Come for take-out or delivery, or order from the Postmates app. At John’s Sandwich Shop, we believe in tasty sandwiches!

Sample video submission script

[fu-upload-form suppress_default_fields=”true” class=”validate fu-uploader-form” title=”Submit your business:”]

[input type=”text” name=”post_title” id=”title” class=”required” description=”Business name”]

[textarea name=”post_content” class=”textarea” description=”Tell us about your business (please include your name, business address, website, phone number and any other relevant info)”]

[input type=”file” name=”photo” id=”ug_photo” class=”required” description=”Your Photo/Video Files” multiple=”multiple”]

[input type=”submit” class=”btn” value=”Submit”]

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