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In January 2015, Ultra Marathoner and Active Water Founder, Daren Wendell will be tackling 100 marathons in 100 days to provide safe water to vulnerable people in Africa.

Daren serves as the Donor Engagement Lead at Lifewater. He is a co-founder of Activewater and a graduate of Kentucky Christian University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Youth and Family Ministries. An accomplished public speaker, Daren speaks about the global water and sanitation crisis to churches, youth groups, schools and small businesses as well as at conferences. Some of his athletic accomplishments and personal campaigns for Activewater include walking 3,400 miles of the USA, cycling 4,400 miles from Oregon to Virginia, competing in several popular marathons and ironmen competitions, and one of our favorites, swimming a phenomenal 50.6 non-stop miles across Lake Michigan in under 35 hours!

“100 marathons; 100 days; $100,000 for clean water in Africa, benefitting the nonprofit organization Active Water (powered by Lifewater International)

750 million people do not have access to safe water; 2.5 billion don’t have sanitation. In his own words, the RunDarenRun can be described as “a mix between flashmob marathon and Forest Gump.” Following two years of intense training, Wendell’s route – totaling 3,000 miles – begins on January 1st andwill take him from Santa Monica Pier, Calif., and across the country to Times Square, New York. The proceeds from the RunDarenRun will fund clean water projects in Ethiopia, Africa, where Wendell recently returned from getting a firsthand look at the need for clean water. You can sign up to run with Daren, view his route, donate and fundraise at the Activewater campaign page.