The smartphone has made so many things easier, especially when it comes to saving money. These simple hacks can help you out over and over.

Google Lens

“This is a game changer when it comes to shopping,” said George Kamel, a personal finance expert at Ramsey Solutions.

Google Lens is a reverse image search. You snap a photo of something, and Google will scour the web for it. Handy for finding a similar look or a product at various prices.

“Let’s say you’re shopping; you see a pair of boots that you love… but maybe they’re outside of your budget and you want to spend less… you can take a picture of those boots with Google Lens… and Google is going to pull up every kind of boot that looks like that. They might pull up the exact same boot and show you ‘Hey, instead of buying it at Nordstrom, you can get the same boot at Kohl’s or a similar looking boot for 200 less,'” explained Kamel, who posted an Instagram Reel about this tip.

To try it, open the Google App on your iPhone and tap the camera icon. On Android, just tap the camera icon in the search bar on the home screen.

“This gives me a little bit of confidence as I’m shopping that at least I’m not getting ripped off,” concluded Kamel.

Flipp App

Flipp is an app that lets you scour digital versions of those sale flyers that arrive in your mailbox.

The neat thing is that you can search through to find the stuff you want on sale.

You can use this trick to find the products you want at a great price at a store near you.

For instance, laundry pods and razors can be notoriously expensive.

You can use Flipp to see where you can get them on sale.

Just search for the specific brand you want and it will show you where they are a deal near you.

I did this for my Gillette Razors the other week and got them at more than 50% off at CVS thanks to specials they were running that weren’t advertised on the store shelf.

Price Matching

Finally, if you love shopping at big box retailers like Target, don’t forget to price match.

In my experience, Target is one of the easiest places to do this, but many major retailers support it.

“You should feel like the smartest shopper around when this works for you,” said Tech Life Columnist Jennifer Jolly.

Jolly says price matching has saved her hundreds, if not more than a thousand dollars recently.

She posted her hack on Instagram, which involves scanning in store prices using the Target App.

It turns out the Target App often sells in-store products at a discounted price. If you bring this to the cashier’s attention, they’ll happily price match it.

To do it, just open the Target App and scan a products barcode in store.

I used this technique to save over $150 on a bike recently. We couldn’t believe it!

“You should never feel guilty doing this. This is helping you get the best deals, but it’s also helping Target make sales,” concluded Jolly.