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Interior Designer, Feng Shui expert, organization expert and author of “Clutter Intervention” Tisha Morris joined us live with tips on her 9-Day Clutter Intervention Process. This is a companion to her new book “Clutter Intervention” that helps people with accountability to decluttering. Each day, you focus on a different area of your house. You could also do this in 9 weeks or 9 months depending on time availability. The book “Clutter Intervention – How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck” is filled with a step-by-step guide that assesses why we hold onto things and some of the easiest ways to let it go. It taps into the psychological, emotional, and energetic connection we have with our possessions and why we struggle to part with them. Tisha is hosting a LIVE ONLINE VERSION of the 9-Day Clutter Intervention Program starting April 24th. To Register online, click HERE.  For more info on Tisha’s FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION COURSE at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood April 19-22nd – you can also go to her website.