Artificial Intelligence is everything right now and it’s not going away anytime soon.

We’re seeing new tools from Google to help you find information faster, AI to edit your photos and now, it can even write the first draft of your wedding speech.

Google Bard

Google’s answer to ChatGPT is here and it’s called Bard.

You can sign up to try it out at There is a waitlist, but Google is giving new people access daily.

Bard looks simple but it packs a lot of functionality. You can ask it questions and get answers fast since it’s powered by pretty much all of Google’s knowledge.

It can also write code, recommend books and recipes and even make playlists of songs.

Google calls Bard an experiment because it can and does get things wrong.

It has some unique features including the ability to see other “drafts” of answers and a “Google It” button so you can check the facts.

I find that it’s easier to use and faster than Microsoft’s Bing AI, and unlike Bing AI, you don’t need a special browser or mobile app to use it.

Photoleap App

Ready to take your photos to the next level? Check out an app called Photoleap.

It has new AI features that can transform a scene into something fun and creative.

Think apocalyptic, fantasy, candy, cartoon and more.

In partnership with the new movie, you can also turn your selfie into a character from Dungeons and Dragons.

Basic edits with Photoleap are free, but you’ll have to pay to access most features. A monthly membership is $7.

Writer’s Block Assistant

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect words for a wedding toast, check out a new AI tool from Joy called Writer’s Block Assistant.

“We are all going to think about how AI is going to come in and change things for the better in many ways and we are trying our best to try to use it in the most meaningful and helpful way we can,” explained Vishal Joshi co-founder and CEO at Joy, which is a wedding planning platform.

Writer’s Block Assistant can write speeches, toasts, vows and more.

Just type some basic information in and let AI do the rest. You’ll get all the words you need in seconds, just don’t forget to make it your own.

AI is incredible, but perhaps the tech is moving too fast. Some are calling for a pause while regulations are worked out. The big thing to know about these AI tools is that they don’t always get it right. Be aware of that, especially if you’re using them for anything important.