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Two arrests were made in separate looting incidents in Ventura County as the Woolsey Fire laid waste to several communities, officials announced Saturday morning.

The incidents happened on  Friday, Ventura County Sgt. Eric Buschow told reporters at a news conference. One of the arrests involved officers pursuing a vehicle.

“If you come here with the intent of taking advantage of the situation, we will arrest you and you will go to jail,” Buschow warned.

Authorities provided no further details about the two incidents.

In L.A. County, some 200 deputies have been deployed to secure properties in areas affected by the blaze, which includes affluent communities such as Malibu.

Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga were among the celebrities who had to evacuate due to the devastating fire.

Chief John Benedict with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department sternly issued a similar warning about looting to any individuals who “have any qualms of doing such things.”

Benedict did not indicate whether or not any looting has been reported in the county.

The  Woolsey Fire has burned about 109 square miles as it moved south toward the coast, officials said. It’s just one of two blazes burning in Ventura County. The Hill Fire, which also broke out on Thursday, in Thousand Oaks, has burned about 4,531 acres as of Saturday afternoon.