Gayle Anderson reports on the extension of the exhibition Auschwitz, Not Long Ago. Not Far Away at the Reagan Presidential Library Museum in Simi Valley. The exhibition was scheduled to close at the end of August but due to the tremendous public response, the only West Coast venue, the exhibition is extended to Jan. 28, 2024.

According to the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, the exhibition brings together more than 700 original objects of great historic and human value; objects which were direct witnesses of the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust. These objects serve as the guiding thread of a rigorous and moving account of the history of the German Nazi camp Auschwitz and its dwellers, both victims and perpetrators.

Through this daunting selection of objects from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum as well as more than 20 institutions and museums all over the world, the Auschwitz exhibition portrays the complex reality of the notorious camp, the universal symbol of the human tragedies that resulted from Nazi ideology, and the world of victims and perpetrators with a clear goal to elucidate how such a place could come into being and dig into how its existence has determined our present worldview.

This exhibition is recommended for ages 12+. Although the history of Auschwitz is challenging, we have developed this exhibition not only with profound respect for the victims but also for our visitors. Care has been taken to ensure that there are no gratuitous depictions of violence. Every effort has been made to consider the emotional impact this story can have on our visitors so that they can safely explore this history, seek to understand it better and make meaning for themselves.

Auschwitz, Not Long Ago. Not Far Away takes approximately two to three hours to experience. Because of the content of this exhibition, the audio tour is mandatory for all visitors and will be automatically added to the ticket price.

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Gayle Anderson reports for the KTLA 5 News on Sept. 18, 2023.