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Lulu Cerone is the 16 yr old founder of LemonAID Warriors, 2014 Halo Award winner and author of the upcoming book “PhilanthroParties: A Party Planning Guide for the Social Activist. LemonAID Warriors was founded when Lulu was ten years old as a youth activist organization connecting young people to global and local causes and sharing unique action plans she calls PhilanthroParties, that support these causes.

After visiting schools in Uganda where her LemonAID Warriors’s PhilanthroParty events  helped fund water wells, she saw how attendance at school rose significantly since communities had access to clean water.  Water born illnesses were down, so sick days were down. Teens no longer has to spend their days walking miles to get water so they could attend school. She was amazed at how passionate then kids were about learning and how they didn’t want hand outs they wanted desperately to learn so they could find their own solutions to the problems they face.  Since then she has become a Global Teen Ambassador for education. She works with the United Nation’s special envoy for education, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his organization A World At School. Through local LA Events like rallies, concerts, and workshops.  She has been instrumental in gathering signatures  for a petition aimed at the UN leaders to keep their Millennial Development Goals to educate the 58 million children without access to education.  She and Global Youth Ambassadors from around the world will present the petition to the UN during the General Assembly in September. Lulu and her LemonAID Warriors have created a 4 global education projects and hope to engage more local youth in their efforts.  1) Back to School campaign to send 1000 kids in Africa to school with clean water. The online campaign is up and later in the fall she and her Warriors will host another WaterWalk to raise more money 2) Rebuild Schools in Nepal: In June, she co-hosted a kid rock concert at the Roxy with music school Join The Band.  30 kid rock bands ages 8-18 raised $2000.00 and are still collecting funds to help rebuild schools after the devastating earthquake destroyed thousands of schools. 3) LemonAID Warriors delivered school supplies to The Hwange Main Camp Primary School in Zimbabwe along with funds to build a security wall around the campus. They are hoping to raise enough money to finish the wall next summer when Lulu and a group of local teens will travel to visit the school.  4) Closer to home, one of Lulus Warriors Nicholas, is organizing day trips to orphanages in Tijuana through San Diego based non-profit Corazon de Vida.  They provide school fees, uniforms, books and transportation to make sure the kids at the orphanage get to school. Publisher’s Weekly announced a book deal for Lulu Cerone with Beyond Words, a Simon and Schuster  imprint.  Her first book will share her unique plans to make social good a part of her generation’s social life through events she calls PhilanthroParties.  The book titled PhilanthroParties: A Party Planning Guide for the Social Activist, will be published in the fall of 2017. It’s based in LemonAid Warrior’s most successful events

To sign the Up For School petition, click HERE.