You can be forgiven for wondering what some investors see in Bed Bath & Beyond that you don’t.

The struggling retailer’s stock was up more than 60% early Monday as the Reddit crowd piled in — the latest “meme stock” to get such treatment.

Remember the craziness surrounding GameStop and AMC? Same deal.

And the same likelihood unwary traders will get burned by pump-and-dump tactics that enrich those early to the game and screw everyone else.

Prior to Monday’s surge, Bed Bath & Beyond’s shares were down more than 44% for the year as the company tried to figure out how to compete with Amazon and other e-commerce players with lower overheads.

One Reddit user claimed to have taken out a $27,000 loan to go “all in” on Bed Bath’s stock.

I can’t say this strongly enough: This is not investing. It’s gambling. And unless you’re one of the first out of the gate with a scheme like this, it’s almost certain you’ll get hosed.

Bed Bath & Beyond has been blowing through cash as its losses grow. The company is still looking for a new CEO after announcing in late June that former leader Mark Tritton had exited the company.

And if you think a one-day, 60% increase in Bed Bath’s value is bizarre, try this on for size:

A little-known Hong Kong financial-tech company called AMTD Digital has seen its share price soar by more than 21,000% since going public on the New York Stock Exchange last month.

At one point last week, AMTD was worth more than Coca-Cola and Bank of America.

A regulatory filing said AMTD had sales of just $25 million last year. Coke had sales of about $39 billion.

AMTD said in a statement that it couldn’t explain the insane run-up in its share price.

“To our knowledge, there are no material circumstances, events nor other matters relating to our Company’s business and operating activities since the IPO date,” AMTD said.

Some investors may see such volatility as a potential opportunity.

It’s a red flag. Keep your distance.