The Kindle Scribe has one of the biggest screens on Kindle device yet – plus, you can write on it.

But is it worth the high price tag?

I’ve been reading, and writing, on the Kindle Scribe for a few weeks now and here’s my review.

For starters, the 10.2-inch screen is amazing. It’s basically the size of an iPad, but much easier to read for longer periods of time because it looks more like a printed page.

Nothing against the iPad, this is just different. The Kindle is something you can still pick up even after a long day of staring at a screen and it doesn’t feel like you’re back on a computer, tablet or phone.

The nice thing about the big screen is that you can more comfortably use larger fonts. The device itself is big, but it’s still lightweight enough to hold with one hand, although you’ll probably find yourself using two.

The big difference here is that you can now write on the screen using the included pen.

You can jot down handwritten notes right on the pages you’re reading in an ebook, or you can start a notebook.

There are various paper formats to choose from – everything from lined to squares, even calendars and to do lists.

The pen doesn’t need to be charged and it magnetically attaches to the side of the Kindle. Still, I would recommend a case to protect the screen. Amazon makes one that also includes a place to store the pen and it folds back so you can prop up the Kindle for hands free reading.

Writing on the Kindle Scribe is excellent. It feels and even sounds like you’re scratching something down on paper.

I also like how you can send documents to the Scribe to read or write on. This includes PDF’s. It’s a simple drag and drop from this website.

You can also send articles to the Scribe to read later using a browser extension. They get formatted nicely for distraction free reading.

Everything is synced to the cloud and your phone.

One thing I realized – since you’re now likely jotting down personal information in the Scribe, you’ll want to enable a passcode. This provides a bit of friction between you and reading since it takes just a few seconds more to open and get going.

Overall, the experience on the Scribe is really good, but it’s kind of odd to carry around a Kindle as a notebook. I think of it as something that sits bedside, you relax with on the couch or take on a plane.

But the price tag on the Scribe is high – we’re talking $340 to $420, depending on options. At that price, it’s going to be a tough sell even for dedicated bookworms.

You would really have to put the Scribe’s unique feature – writing – to good use on a daily basis to get your money’s worth.

The problem is, we’ve gotten so used to taking notes in our phones, many of us may not need an additional place to write.

While I grew to love the big screen, I’m not sure I need the writing features. I hope Amazon makes a cheaper version of this device without the writing it to give buyers some options.