Gayle Anderson continues our series of Black History Month reports with information about free Prostate cancer screenings for Black men this month courtesy the first Los Angeles Black female owned radiation oncology physician.

Dr. Rosalyn Morrell has more than two decades of experience in radiation oncology cancer care and she is the only female, Black physician, and owner of a cancer care treatment center in radiation oncology in the Los Angeles area. Her unique perspective to provide equal access and screening has been reviewed in multiple medical journals, and government panels as it relates to equitable cancer care.

“During Black History Month, and every month, it is important to ensure the conversation around equitable cancer care, prevention and education remains top of mind for our minority communities,” says Dr. Rosalyn Morrell.

Dr. Morrell is hosting free Prostate cancer screenings this month, February, at Florence Western Medical Clinic, 7301 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90047. Interested parties MUST REGISTER FOR AN APPOINTMENT. You can to that by calling 424-249-7500.

Dr. Morrell says, “during Black History Month and more than ever, it is vital to have a commitment to providing accessible care. My team at CenterPoint Radiation Oncology is committed to help increase education and access to screenings.”

For more information please visit:


Black History Month / Do You Know About?…Free Prostate Cancer Screenings for Black Men

Florence Western Medical Clinic

7301 South Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90047

424 249 7500

*Registration Required for Appointments! *


Rosalyn Morrell, M.D.

Centerpoint Radiation Oncology

8929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 100

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

424 249 7500

424 249 7609