CES 2023 kicked off Tuesday night with a special preview event for journalists called CES Unveiled.

It’s where startups and established brands vie for attention. Here are some of the products that caught my eye. I’m posting more of my finds to my Instagram @richontech.

I-Percut I-Perskin

A smart punching bag is just one of the ways that tech is being built into just about everything.

I-Percut is a play on uppercut, it’s a smart punching bag cover packed with sensors. Place it over your regular punching bag and it can track how you punch, offer analytics about how you did and make the entire experience gamified and interactive. It’s expected to cost around $800.

“You get all your data after the session, you get the speed, you get the scores, you get the number of hits that you have done… it helps you to progress on your session,” said Dan Nguyen Gia of I-Percut.

Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy is a bird feeder with a built-in camera. The product started as a Kickstarter and this year they’re announcing a new version that works with Hummingbirds, too.

Bird Buddy uses AI to sense the birds that stop by and logs their visit by sending you photos and video clips. But the neat thing is that Bird Buddy is smart enough to filter only the most notable species. The device is $200.

“It’s kind of like the Pokémon Go for your own backyard. Birds are all around us, they are kind of the last form of wildlife that we all encounter, we wanted to just create a device that can help you connect with nature in your own backyard,” said Bird Buddy founder Kyle Buzzard.

Withings U-Scan

Smart health company Withings latest gadget looks like a toilet freshener, but it’s so much smarter. The U-Scan is the first at home automatic urine analyzer.

Yeah, when you go to the bathroom, the device automatically analyzes your urine and sends the data to your smartphone. U-Scan is even smart enough to detect “streams” from various household members using radar sensors that create a digital signature of each stream using movement and distance as markers.

The cartridge inside lasts 90 days. There are a few at launch including tests for nutrition, hydration, and cycle tracking. The device will cost around $500, plus the cost of the cartridges.

“Within urine there’s 3,000 metabolites, really an incredible amount of data that can be had. Typically, people test their urine once a year even though they pee 7 times a day,” said Elizabeth Coleon of Withings.

Typically, over 100,000 people attend CES each year, but last year only about 45,000 attended in person due to the pandemic. Organizers are projecting a much bigger turnout this year and based on my walking around that already seems to be the case.