Starting this season, there are multiple ways to catch a Clippers game. On TV, you’ve got Bally Sports SoCal and KTLA.

And now, there’s ClipperVision, a brand-new way to watch on a phone, tablet, computer and more.

“It will be great watching our games on KTLA, watching our games on cable, but at the end of the day we also want to make sure we’re giving fans something they love,” said Steve Ballmer, Clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO.

The service will offer six different streams: traditional broadcasts, plus the game in Korean, Spanish, Augmented Reality and something called “BallerVision,” which features live commentary from big name sports and celebrities figures.

I was there for a test run before ClipperVision’s big debut when the Clippers play the Sacramento Kings on October 22.

“This mode is particularly cool, because you get a bunch of people, Baron Davis, Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce and I, kind of talking about the game, not announcing it, but just kind of talking, talking about basketball. I’m with 3 guys that know what they’re talking about, then there’s me, but it will be fun,” said Ballmer.

Personalities will rotate in, providing live commentary during the games.

“It’s a different way for fans to view the game, especially younger kids who can do it from their phone and it’s incredible and I see everyone doing it later on but of course Steve is at the forefront,” said Jamal Crawford.

You can subscribe to ClipperVision on its own for $199.99 for the entire season, which includes 74 games. Fans who sign up before October 20 get a 50% discount.

“I like the idea of being able to innovate in the way fans experience a game,” concluded Ballmer.