Commentary on the Murder Trial of ‘Clark Rockefeller’

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Mark Seal, author of the book ‘The Man in the Rockefeller Suit’ discusses the bizarre case of ‘Clark Rockefeller’ and what to expect in the upcoming trial. Seal is also a Vanity Fair Contributing Editor.

The trial of the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller is being held in a downtown Los Angeles Courthouse.

While living in San Marino in the 1980s and calling himself Christopher Chichester, ‘Rockefeller’ was living rent free in garage apartment where a young man name John Sohus and his wife Linda lived in the main house with his mother.

John and his wife, Linda, disappeared – believed to have gone on a “secret government mission” engineered by Christopher Chichester.

Years later, the house was sold and the new owners were putting in a pool. The crew dug up the bones of what is believed to be the missing man.

For more information on Mark Seal and his book, you can follow the link to his website here.

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