AI is powering some amazing new tools – from kid friendly chatbots to magical apps that can animate old images and more. Here’s a look at some AI-powered tools that are interesting, useful, and fun.

Claude AI
You’ve heard of ChatGPT… but what about Claude? Claude is an AI chatbot developed by San Francisco based Anthropic. It’s helpful, friendly, and although it doesn’t have access to the real-time internet, it’s really good at explaining things and summarizing lots of text.

Want a kid-friendly AI chatbot? Check out PinwheelGPT. Pinwheel puts kid-safe guardrails on chats to make sure they’re simple and appropriate for kids 7-12. Parents can see a history of what their kids are asking, even the deleted questions. It’s free for up to 20 questions a month.

Want to bring an old photo back to life? Reimagine uses AI to colorize, enhance, and repair pictures. Just scan or upload an old photo to get started. The most interesting/creepy feature is how it can animate someone in an old picture.

Tome is an app that can help you bring your ideas to life. It takes any input and turns it into a compelling visual. Think of it as PowerPoint for the next generation. It’s powerful, fast, and insanely creative.

Whisper Memos
Give your random thoughts a boost with Whisper Memos. The app is a voice memo recorder of the future. It uses OpenAI tech to transcribe what you say with eerie accuracy. Notes are saved in a list and emailed to you. A new Apple Watch companion app lets you record thoughts and ideas wherever you are, even without a phone or cellular connection. It’s free to start, pay to transcribe more.

Eleven Labs
Eleven Labs is all about voices. Paste in some text and have various voices read it out loud. Create an AI voice from scratch or recreate your own voice, but that feature requires a paid subscription starting at $1.