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Gayle Anderson was live in La Habra to continue her DROUGHT WATCH reports with a look at SYNTHETIC GRASS.

It has been more than nine months since Governor Brown declared a drought state of emergency in the state of California. Since then, the need to reduce water consumption across the state has resulted in restrictions that have greatly impacted lawn care and maintenance. Irrigating grass lawns comprises more than half of a residents’ water usage. As a result, many homeowners have sought alternative landscaping in order to reduce water consumption in the home.

Synthetic grass is a low maintenance and water-friendly alternative for those who still enjoy the look of a grass lawn. The installation of synthetic grass at a typical home can conserve approximately 22,000 gallons of water per year. In addition, it does not require fertilizer, pesticides, or mowing for maintenance. Synthetic grass also reduces urban runoff caused by irrigation as well as the amount of green waste going into landfills.

It is also safe for use by children and people of all ages. The California EPA released a report dated July 2009 that indicated that there is a negligible human health risk from inhaling the air above synthetic turf. According to a multi-year study of air quality above crumb rubber infilled synthetic turf and bacteria in the turf completed in October 2010, the California Office of Environmental Assessment reported that there were no public health concerns.

This is not the artificial turf of the past. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, the latest generation of synthetic turf replicates lush natural grass in appearance and function and provides a consistent year-round, all-weather surface. Today’s synthetic turf systems include a drainage layer, a multi-layered backing system, and durable “grass” blades that are in-filled with a granular filler to resemble natural turf.

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, synthetic grass for landscape, golf and other recreation applications is the fastest growing segment of the synthetic turf market. In 2012, over 35 million square feet of synthetic grass was installed for landscape and recreation use. Thousands of homes, businesses, municipalities, parks and tourist attractions, like Disneyland and Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas resorts have turned to synthetic grass for their landscaping needs.

Based in Brea, CA, EcoWorkz specializes in the installation of artificial grass, interlocking pavers, and a wide variety of construction services. Its synthetic grass products are American-made, lead-free, and made from recycled materials. In addition, EcoWorkz offers Orange County pavers products that are American made and create a durable and long lasting surface that can augment your synthetic grass lawn. For more information, visit Ecoworkz.

In Southern California, synthetic turf installation qualifies for residential and commercial rebates up to $5.00 per square foot. For more information about  these and other water rebate programs, visit MWD Save A Buck and Be Waterwise.

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