Gayle Anderson reported on the Ballona Creek Trash Interceptor 007, a fully automated, solar-powered trash collection device developed by The Ocean Cleanup, a Netherlands-based nonprofit. It is the first of its kind to be deployed anywhere in North America.

It is here for a two-year pilot project, the result of a partnership between the County of Los Angeles and The Ocean Cleanup, to address the issue of stormwater pollution in Ballona Creek. Project proponents hope it will pave the way for the implementation of a scalable solution worldwide.

The Trash Interceptor 007 is a 73-foot-long catamaran with a removable barge that holds six collection bins for a combined 1,750 cubic feet of storage capacity. Its automated trash rack and conveyor-belt system run as smoothly and quietly as a common household appliance for an eco-friendly and efficient solution to harvesting waterborne trash.

Each year, between 30 and 60 tons of trash enter Ballona Creek, carried by runoff from city streets. The County has invested in numerous ways to protect local rivers, lakes, and the ocean from pollution, including bans on single-use plastics, the installation of stormwater filters and diversions, and culturally competent public outreach efforts.

The Ocean Cleanup has deployed Interceptor Solutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic as part of its river initiative, with the goal of implementing 1,000 river systems.

For more information, visit the project’s website at

This unique Ballona Creek Trash Interceptor Project is timely considering April is Earth Month, which takes place during April every year. According to, it’s a time to raise environmental awareness and create consciousness around the issues that affect Mother Nature.

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2023. The theme this year is “Invest in our planet.” Although it is not a federal holiday, however, it is observed throughout the states and the globe.

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Gayle Anderson reports for the KTLA 5 News on April 3, 2023.