Exotic & Unusual Organic Fruits & Veggies With Chef David Teig From The Farm at Fairplex

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The LA County Fair is at Fairplex in Pomona!  When you think about county fairs, you probably conjure up images of deep-fried EVERYTHING from Kool-Aid and Twinkies to butter and Oreos.   But at The Farm at Fairplex there is another take on food.  The Farm is a 5-acre educational resource that showcases the value of growing food, sustainability, healthy eating, social well-being, life science and urban gardening. September is National Organic Harvest Month and in honor of that Fairplex Executive Chef David Teig has brought exotic veggies, some look like they’re from another planet, to the studio along with prepared dishes featuring them.  Go to any grocery store and you’re going to see the usual vegetables — lettuce, asparagus, broccoli.There is a whole world of unique and sometimes bizarre vegetables available that we aren’t aware of and we are starting to see more & more of these produce at the farmers market. At Fairplex, home of the LA County Fair, we have a year-round 5-acre educational resource called The Farm at Fairplex.

In Oct The Farm at Fairplex will begin offering year-round field trips to all Southern California schools in order to acquaint young people with this wonderful world of veggies.

Recipes and organic vegetables and fruit featured:

Litichi tomato with goats cheese, goats horn chili and buckwheat crepe. LITICHI TOMATO — we are bringing a branch of this plant, it has spikes that are 1 inch long.  The fruit itself is dark red with a hard prickly husk at.  It has a cherry & pineapple taste with a tomato background. GOATS HORN CHILI —  a 7 inch long chili that is as narrow as a pencil.  It has a hook at the end that looks like a goat horn.  The chili is used often in thai & asian cooking

Janosik and Golden Midget Watermelon and shaved fennel salad, Farm at Fairplex Olive Oil. JANOSIK & GOLDEN MIDGET WATERMELON — Janosik’s are green on outside, yellow in center, about the size of a honeydew melon.  Golden midgets are yellow with a bright red flesh.

Grilled Super Snack Sunflower hearts, georges chilis, finger lime. SUPER SNACK SUNFLOWER HEARTS. The sunflower has an edible heart, similar to that of an artichoke FINGER LIMES — Known as the caviar of citrus, when cut open these odd shaped limes look like caviar or fish roe.  It can taste sweet and tart.

Cream and Cassady’s Folly Sausage Tomatoes, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Burrata, Chinese Celery Pollen Salt. CREAM & CASSADY’S FOLLY SAUSAGE TOMATOES — Both tomatoes have a sweet, non acidic taste.  The Cream is creamy in color and the Cassady is a tie-dyed blend of orange, green and yellow.  They are both shaped like a sausage.

MEXICAN SOUR GHERKIN — These are also called mini mouse melons, they are the size of a grape & related to a cucumber

CHINESE CELERY POLLEN –It looks like celery but is more leafy.  When left to flower it produces pollen that smells like the best celery you’ve ever eaten.

Chaya plant, a native of the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is POISONOUS when raw!  Once cooked it becomes edible and tastes like spinach, but with twice the nutritional value.

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