For KTLA 5’s Shelby Nelson, Covina doesn’t just represent her childhood, it means family.

Born in Fontana, Shelby moved to the San Gabriel Valley town when she was 9, alongside her younger brother, older sister and mother. Growing up, she was surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins as well as her grandparents. Her grandparents and aunt still live in Covina.

“I come from a really big Mexican-American family and there were always celebrations,” she revealed.

Those family ties were an integral part of Shelby’s upbringing.

“I had a single mom, it was hard for her and I saw her struggle,” she explained. “But also, I had such a healthy upbringing. I had my cousins I had my aunts and uncles and my grandparents. She did such an amazing job and I could never repay her.”

One of Shelby’s favorite pastimes is camping, something she developed early in life, all thanks to her grandparents, who would take the whole family to explore the great outdoors.

“They would have their huge camper and we would all go to Leo Carillo State Park and we would stop at Neptune’s Net and get just a ton of seafood,” she reminisced. “It was such a fun time growing up in Southern California. I feel like we’re so lucky here because you make friends with anyone and everyone of different backgrounds.”

In Covina, Shelby went to Cypress Elementary, Royal Oak Middle School and Charter Oak High School.

While in high school, she kept active playing soccer and running track and cross-country all four years. She was even crowned homecoming queen!

Those familiar with Covina may have known the popular pizza joint, Michaelangelo’s. The former community staple was where she got her first job.

“It was something that gave me some independence as a younger kid and I still keep in touch with the owner there,” she explained. “It definitely felt like home for me. I got to eat pizza all the time. So I mean, what’s better than that?”

While she excelled in high school, something significant happened during her preteen years in middle school, she met her future husband, Andrew.

“About sixth grade, playing AYSO soccer, I saw this beautiful thing running. Number 9. It kind of changed my life at that moment,” Andrew gushed. “I’ve followed number nine for the rest of my life, pretty much.”

“We never dated in high school or middle school, we were strictly friends,” Shelby revealed. “We just hung out and then eventually, at 31 years old is when we’re actually engaged now.”

Andrew and Shelby would stay connected throughout the years through music, with Andrew sending her songs from YouTube. The pair hung out once Shelby moved back to Southern California and the rest is history.

So, what song won Shelby over?

“It might have been Led Zeppelin ‘D’yer Mak’er,'” Andrew spilled.

The pair are expected to tie the knot on May 6, 2023.

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