The company best known for inventing the video doorbell a decade ago is now taking the concept to your car.

Ring Car Cam is a dashcam with unique features that allow you to stay connected to the security of your car 24/7.

“The car cam has been one of those items that we have a lot of people ask us about,” said Josh Roth, Chief Technology Officer at Ring.

“It’s two-way audio and video just like the rest of the Ring system,” explained Roth.

The device has two cameras, one that faces outside the car, the other faces inside. They are attached to an arc shaped mount that sticks to the bottom of your windshield.

It’s powered by USB-C cable that you have to run to the OBD-II port in your car. Typically, this is located near the lower left-hand area near the footwell under the steering wheel. Some cars won’t be compatible with this setup.

The reason the Ring Cam needs the OBD-II port is that it can be powered at all times, even when your car is off. This way it can detect motion and send you alerts.

“The product is built for high temperatures that you might get inside a car. It’s rated for both high and low temperatures, about 130 degrees on the high end… it will go down into the negative temperatures on the low end,” explained Roth.

The camera continuously records while you drive, but also captures motion-based event, like if your car is hit while it’s parked.

You can also say, “Alexa, Record,” to trigger a manual recording clip, say if you get pulled over or witness something wild on the road. There’s no other Alexa functionality built in.

As for privacy, there is a flip down cover – if you close it, recording and two-way audio and video immediately stop.

“We do have a light that goes on when recording. We always want people to know,” said Roth.

The other unique thing about the Ring Car Cam is that there is built in Wi-Fi and cellular connections. The device defaults to Wi-Fi, uploading clips when you get home to your driveway or within range of a paired Wi-Fi network.

But, if you want to have a more direct and immediate connection between the camera and the cloud at all times, you can activate the cellular connection for $6 a month or $60 a year. This also enables real-time alerts about motion activity near your car.

Ring Car Cam will retail for $250, right now it’s on pre-order for $199 through the end of January. The device is expected to ship in mid-February.

“As we extend the Ring suite into other parts of people’s lives such as people’s cars it gives tremendous peace of mind,” concluded Roth.