Gayle Anderson returns to the Bowers Museum and its new exhibition Everest: Ascent to Glory. In conjunction with the exhibition, which illustrates the story of five expeditions leading up to and including the earliest successful attempts to climb the colossal mountain, the museum has been a supporter and a fundraiser for the Full Circle Everest Team.     

The first all-Black mountain climbing team has successfully reached the summit of the highest mountain on Earth. Full Circle Everest Team leader Philip Henderson reports seven members of the team and their Sherpa team have made history as the first all-Black climbing team to summit Mount Everest. The team reports reaching the summit of the world’s highest mountain Thursday, May 12. 

For more information about the successful adventure of the Full Circle Everest Team, visit their website.

For more information about the Bowers Museum Everest: Ascent to Glory exhibition, visit the Bowers Museum’s website.

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This aired on KTLA 5 News on May 18, 2022.