Gayle on the *Virtual* Go! for Saturday July 18th, 2020

Gayle on the Go

It’s Saturday! Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, there is plenty to see, to do, and to learn! Here are some suggestions on the Saturday “Gayle on the – VIRTUAL – Go!” list. Take a look! Enjoy!


SPACEx NASA Crew Dragon

Launch America  

    The historic May launch of SpaceX NASA Dragon astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, the first Americans to launch from the U.S. in nearly nine years has sent them into space. They have traveled to the International Space Station. Now that they’re aboard, they’ve been busy!  They have performed several space walks upgrading the International Space Station’s power system.

    This is an online science project we can watch and listen when we go to the website


Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

Be a Geologist at Home

Stuck at Home Science

California Science Center

      The California Science Center introduces us to Dr. Sarah Milkovich, who is a space geologist. She working with the NASA team planning to send the Perseverance Rover to Mars this Summer to learn if there was ever any life on Mars in its ancient.

   She is teaching students of the California Science Center “Stuck at Home Science” program how to become a geologist just like the NASA geologists, by gathering rocks near our homes to studying their size, color, texture and shapes.

    For science project instructions using simple household ingredients and to learn more about the Mars mission of the Perseverance Rover, visit the website.


Legends & Explorers Auction

Live & Online Auction

Julien’s Auctions

257 North Canon Drive

Beverly Hills

310 836 1818

   “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The 1969 Academy Award winning Stanley Kubrick film follows a voyage to Jupiter. Film critics have consider the science fiction thriller as “one of the greatest and most influential films ever made.    

   We have an opportunity to own one of the movie’s space suits available Julien’s Auctions.According to auction officials, most of the production props and wardrobe were destroyed after the film’s production wrapped, so film props are among the rarest and most elusive to acquire by high end collectors, museums and institutions.

   For auction details about this and other “Legends and Explorers” auction items, check the Julien’s Auctions website.


Now Through July 27th

2020 Virtual OC Fair

   Ahhh! The sights and sounds of the Orange County Fair!

   Ut-oh! Wait a minute! The 2020 Orange County Fair, which should have started this weekend…has been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

   Orange County Fair Chief Executive Officer Michele Richards says this year’s fair is now a virtual affair, that features a virtual market livestock show, fair online shopping, the Fab Four Beatles tribute band drive in concert and don’t forget the Pig Cam and other animals we can see virtually at Centennial Farm.


    Let’s make this a keep up with the critters  –  VIRTUALLY –  Saturday! Gayle Anderson, KTLA 5 News


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