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Happy Saturday!
There’s a lot to see and do today ( some of it is available for FREE ) on the Saturday “Gayle on the Go!” report. Watch this report, then scroll down to take a look at the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of i! 😊


Are You Ready for the NEXT Earthquake?
SOS Survival Products
15705 Strathern Street, #11
Van Nuys
1 800 479 7998

SOS Survival Products has been in business 30 years. The company in teaching and providing emergency preparedness equipment for all kinds emergencies and disasters.
We can either shop in person or online for the items we will need before the NEXT earthquake.


Are You Ready for the NEXT Emergency?: First Aid Using Common Household Items
SOS Survival Products
15705 Strathern Street, #11
Van Nuys
1 800 479 7998
Saturday, July 20, 2019
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Have you ever wondered what you might do if in a situation without a First Aid Kit?

This class will discuss what options are available when wanting to help without your sterile bandaging. You will learn how to convert common household items into pressure bandages. Also, how to make do when you don’t have proper first aid items. We will expand your knowledge on steps to follow, items to replace bandaging when you’re stuck and how to help maximize life expectancy.

Instructor: Erin Huey
Cost: $50.00


Volunteers Needed!
Operation Gratitude
July Assembly Prep & Assembly Day
21100 Lassen Street
262 674 7281

Operation Gratitude needs volunteer help during the Summer months! The nonprofit organization is working to produce 6,000 Care Packages for deployed service members and another 10,000 Care Packages for veterans and recruit graduates.

The packages will include more than 100,000 letters and cards written by civilians and youngsters plus some of the 10,000 Red, White and Blue Paracord Bracelets received from Operation Gratitude’s 16-day challenge which ended Independence Day.


Discounted Late Nights
Pacific Visions
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach

Learn about the new sea life and new programs at PACIFIC VISIONS and THE AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC in Long Beach.
And, don’t forget about the SOMETHING FOR THE SUMMER discounts at Pacific Visions and the Aquarium of the Pacific:
Info on Summer at the Aquarium:
Info on Discounted Late Nights:

Discounted Late Nights
Fridays through Sundays Now through September 1st and on Labor Day, September 2nd.
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 590-3100


Vaquita Marina: Conserving a Critically Endangered Porpoise
Pacific Visions
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach

“Sea of Shadows”
Select Movie Theaters

The Aquarium of the Pacific and a team of aquariums and zoos across the country are asking the public to get involved in order to help the smallest cetacean (whale, dolphin, or porpoise) on the planet. Found only in the northern part of the Gulf of California, Mexico, the vaquita porpoise is the world’s most endangered marine mammal. Scientists estimate that only about thirty vaquitas remain. This represents a decline of more than 92 percent since 1997. Unless Mexico extends the gillnet ban enacted in 2015 and enforces regulations to stop illegal fishing, the vaquita will be driven to extinction within five years, according to experts.

For decades, the vaquita population has been declining due to accidental entanglement and drowning in gillnets used to catch fish (sold primarily domestically) and shrimp (primarily imported into the United States). However, since 2011, there has been a catastrophic decline of vaquitas amid a resurgence of illegal gillnetting for another endangered species, the totoaba. Air bladders from these fish are prized in the illegal wildlife trade in China, selling for thousands of dollars per kilo.

The government of Mexico is taking unprecedented conservation actions to stop the impact of both illegal totoaba fishing and legal gillnetting by local fishermen. Mexico’s president imposed an emergency two-year ban on gillnets throughout the range of the vaquita in May 2015. The Mexican Navy oversees enforcement and local fishing communities are receiving millions of dollars of compensation for lost income. However, the ban must become permanent if the species is to survive and recover. Importantly, new methods of legal fishing are also being developed. A handful of fishermen working alongside gear experts, government scientists, and nongovernmental organizations, are designing, testing, and implementing innovative new fishing gears that do not use the entangling nets to legally catch fish and shrimp without endangering vaquitas.

The United States is the largest importer of shrimp and seafood products harvested legally in the Gulf of California and seafood consumers can make a difference by purchasing responsibly-sourced seafood – wherever they shop. The Aquarium of the Pacific’s Seafood for the Future partners—Kings Seafood, Santa Monica Seafood, and Catalina Offshore Products—have agreed to purchase the vaquita-friendly seafood for sale in the U.S. when it becomes available.
“Seafood that is produced using the best available science, management, and technologies can be one of the most environmentally friendly sources of animal protein. We need to eat more seafood to support a healthy and sustainable food supply, but we must do so responsibly,” said Kim Thompson, Aquarium of the Pacific Seafood for the Future program manager. “In the case of the vaquita, that means buying the shrimp and seafood fishermen harvest with the alternative fishing gear, thereby supporting those who are working hard to implement the necessary conservation measures to save a species while sustaining their livelihoods.”

It is vital that consumers support the “Vaquita-Friendly” labeled seafood when it comes to the U.S. market. In the meantime, here’s what consumers can do to support conservation efforts for the vaquita and other species that may be impacted by unsustainable fishing practices:
1. Ask where your seafood comes from and how it was caught.
2. You can support fishermen who are working with government and nongovernment organizations to reach conservation goals while sustaining their livelihoods. Some examples and reference sites for these efforts are included below:
o Sustainable Fisheries Partnership:
o The Nature Conservancy: Resilient and Productive Fisheries
3. You can also support businesses and restaurants that sell seafood from environmentally responsible sources. Find businesses and restaurants participating in responsible seafood sourcing programs at:
o Restaurants
o Businesses
4. Build awareness within your social networks about the vaquita and environmentally responsible seafood and use the hashtags #4aPorpoise and #SavingSpecies.
5. Sign the petition: Sign the letter to U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jackson to let the Ambassador know we are behind her and support her doing what she can to encourage Mexican government officials to permanently ban the use of gillnets in the Gulf of California and to increase enforcement against illegal fishing.

Learn more about the rescue mission of the Vaquita in “SEA OF SHADOWS”, a riveting new documentary with the intensity of a Hollywood thriller from National Geographic Documentary Films and winner of the Sundance audience award. When Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers join forces to poach the rare Totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez, their deadly methods threaten to destroy virtually all marine life in the region, including the most elusive and endangered whale species on Earth, the Vaquita Porpoise.
SEA OF SHADOWS follows a team of dedicated scientists, high-tech conservationists, investigative journalists and courageous undercover agents as well as the Mexican Navy as they put their lives on the line to save the last remaining Vaquitas and bring the vicious international crime syndicate to justice.


Plastic Free July!
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach

The Aquarium of the Pacific asks us to join them and their participation in the PLASTIC FREE JULY CHALLENGE by refusing to use single use plastics.

If you’re not sure what plastics you can change, meet “Captain Quinn” and “Seymour Shark” on the Aquarium of the Pacific Instagram page, who are providing specific information and guidance.:

Also, you can take a look at the take the PESKY PLASTICS QUIZ at


Guatemalan Masks: Selections From the Jim and Jeanne Pieper Collection
Fowler Museum at UCLA
308 Charles E. Young Drive North
Los Angeles

At the Fowler Museum at UCLA we can see the colorful and artistic GUATEMALAN MASKS: SELECTIONS FROM THE JIM AND JEANNE PIEPER COLLECTION. This exhibition features 80 masks depicting animals, folk personae, and historical figures that are deeply rooted in Guatemalan religiosity and popular culture.

Throughout the country, people perform spectacular masquerades during Indigenous festivals, Catholic feast days, and secular events. These public dance-dramas are jubilant expressions of devotion and community identity.

The exhibition is FREE!


Ernie Barnes: A Retrospective
California African American Museum
600 State Drive
Los Angeles
213 744 7432

More than 50 works of artist Ernie Barnes on display at the California African American Museum in Exposition Park. This is “Ernie Barnes: A Retrospective.” The exhibition includes Mr. Barnes most famous pieces including “The Sugar Shack”, the art piece that became the album cover for Motown’s Marvin Gaye’s “I WANT YOU!” album.

The exhibition is FREE!


Closing Sunday, July 21st, 2019
Guo Pei: Beyond Couture
Bowers Museum
2002 North Main Street
Santa Ana
714 567 3600

This exhibition showcases the iconic work of world renowned couturière designer Guo Pei. Featuring more than 40 breathtaking pieces from her most bold runway shows, the masterpieces on view underline the artist’s impact on the fashion world and beyond. For over 20 years Guo Pei has been dressing celebrities, royalty and politicians from around the globe who turn to her for show-stopping creations.

The Chinese fashion designer made headlines in 2015 in the United States when pop singer Rihanna wore one of Pei’s designs to the Met Gala in New York City.

Tour and ticket information is available at


Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop
Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles

At the Annenberg Space for Photography, CONTACT HIGH: A VISUAL HISTORY OF HIP HOP. This Los Angeles exhibition celebrates the photographers who brought hip-hop’s visual culture to the global stage. The exhibition is FREE!


Sawdust Summer Art and Craft Festival
935 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach

There are 200 artists; three stages of live music and entertainment; art classes and daily demonstrations; glassblowing; hands-on pottery wheel; craft beer and wine; outdoor eateries and cafes AND MORE!

The Sawdust is located outdoors in a cool three-acre Eucalyptus Grove in the heart of Laguna Beach. Admission is $9.00.


The World of Da Vinci
Reagan Presidential Library & Museum
40 Presidential Drive
Simi Valley

THE WORLD OF DA VINCI is new at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. This celebrates Italian Renaissance painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, who is widely considered to be a genius. You see examples of that genius in the functional inventions on display.

Also here, the musical instruments Da Vinci invented. Among them this — the world premiere of Da Vinci’s Great Continuous Organ. Yes! Museum officials were actually able to play it. You can see it among Da Vinci’s other incredible inventions at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.


Antarctic Dinosaurs
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles

“Beat the Heat!” and follow in the scientific exploratory footsteps of Dr. Nathan Smith of the Natural History Museum and other paleontologists at this — ANTARTIC DINOSAURS at the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park.

During this expedition, Dr. Smith and his team made quite a few discoveries including finding a new species that will require more study and more research. You can see their new discovery and more at this new exhibition.


Butterfly Pavilion
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles
213 763 3466

Also at the Natural History Museum, butterflies are taking flight at the museum! Walk among beautiful butterflies in the seasonal Butterfly Pavilion. This springtime exhibition features hundreds of butterflies, colorful native plants, and plenty of natural light to help you see these creatures shimmer. With lots of flight space and a variety of resting spots, get one of the best views in Los Angeles of these amazing insects.


Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind
Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum
18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard
Yorba Linda
714 993 5075

The historic Apollo 11 Moon Mission took place July 16th, 1969 through July 21st, 1969. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Mission is celebrated in Yorba Linda at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. The exhibition is outstanding.

The exhibit’s originally-created, 360-degree virtual reality experience will transport visitors to the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, to see and hear Neil Armstrong’s “one giant leap for mankind.”

Artifacts and objects featured in the exhibit include:
• Buzz Aldrin’s penlight used in the Lunar Module and Apollo 11 patch worn on the surface of the moon
• NASA X-15 silver-gleaming pressure suit used to train Neil Armstrong and America’s first astronauts in the 1950s
• Moon rocks from the lunar surface, acquired during the Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 missions
• Oval Office telephone that President Nixon used to call Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they explored on the lunar surface
• Presidential Medal of Freedom Award presented to astronaut Michael Collins by President Nixon
• Original of President Nixon’s draft speech prepared in the event of a “moon disaster”
• A 3-D printed, life-sized statue of Neil Armstrong in his space suit, as he climbed down the ladder of the Lunar Module on the moon
• A giant, exact recreation of an Apollo mission command module

Visitors will sit in a 1969 American living room and watch the moon landing just like people all over the world did on the historic night 50 years ago.
All subsequent lunar landings happened during the Nixon administration, and Richard Nixon remains the only president with his name on a plaque on the lunar surface.


History of Chinese Americans in Old Hollywood
Formosa Café
7156 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood
323 850 9050

The historic Formosa Cafe, which has undergone a $2.4 million, two-year face-lift by 1933 Group has reopened. The 1933 Group, owners of La Cuevita, Bigfoot Lodge, and Idle Hour, spent two-and-a-half years and a reported $2.4 million resurrecting the landmark property. The team brought in master craftsmen to meticulously restore what remained of the original Formosa–which operated from 1945 until 2016–while staying true to the look from the spot’s mid-century heyday. They kept many of the most memorable bits of decor, from the autographed black-and-white photos, to the silk lanterns, to that green neon script along Route 66.

The new menu by chef David Kuo harks back to the last owner, Vince Jung, grandson of Lem Quon. Quon’s Cantonese fare is updated with Chinese-American dishes like General Tso’s cauliflower, orange chicken, and beef with broccoli. Handcrafted old fashioned Hollywood cocktails are part of the restored restaurant menu as well.
NEW to the Formosa Café is an area that was an outdoor smoking area. It is now the Yee Mee Loo Bar. Pagoda roofing is a big theme at Formosa and is heavily incorporated over the Yee Mee Loo Bar. The roofing tiles on the pagoda here have been sourced directly from Warner Bros Scenic Department. The Formosa, along with other restaurants such as Yee Mee Loo and the Golden Pagoda, all played a big part in shaping Los Angeles in the 20th century.

Because one of the most prominent décor themes in the Formosa features a collection of black and white studio head shots, the 1933 Group wanted to give the Yee Mee Loo areas of the space a part to play: to tell a storied history of Chinese Americans in Old Hollywood. To do this, the 1933 Group tapped Arthur Dong, an Oscar nominated filmmaker and award-winning author whose work centers on Asia Americans in Hollywood film making.
The 1933 Group and Arthur Dong say there needed to be meaning behind the Yee Mee Loo section of the Formosa, and in meeting with Arthur discovered he’s penning a new book called Hollywood Chinese.

The Formosa in many ways IS Hollywood Chinese, so they decided to really tell a story about the influence of Chinese Americans in early Hollywood. The influence of Chinese Americans in Hollywood has gone unrecognized for decades so part of Arthur’s installation is to showcase the influences of early Hollywood. Arthur compiled lots of stuff from a collection of ephemera and photos, movie posters and head shots, to showcase every Chinese actor from a chronological standpoint from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Additional Asian-American-Hollywood influences play a role in the new Formosa.


Register Now!
Rolling Greens Learn & Grow Workshops
California’s Native Arrangement July 20th @ 11am
$100.00 Includes Everything
Rolling Greens Mateo
1005 South Mateo Street
Downtown Los Angeles
213 271 2047

Learn something new this Summer at Southern California’s premiere home and garden venue Rolling Greens. It’s suggested we might want to register NOW for their July 20th LEARN AND GROW WORKSHOP, where we can learn how to use California native plants for arrangements. The class fee includes everything you will need.
Workshop registration and information can be found at .


39th Lotus Kickoff & Festival
751 Echo Park Lake
Los Angeles
213 485 5027

The 39th Lotus Kickoff and Festival is hosted this year by The Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

There’s We will have a Tea House, Beer Garden, Dragon Boat Races, Children’s Corner and Zone, lots of boutique and food vendors, artisan art, and plenty of entertainment! For more info, visit

Admission is free!


Orange County Fair
Acres of Fun
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa
714 708 1500

This is the opening weekend of the Orange County Fair. We’re invited to have “Acres of Fun” at this Summer’s event now thru Sunday, August 11th, 2019


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