Saturday “Gayle on the *VIRTUAL* Go!” Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Gayle on the Go

It’s Saturday! Let’s get some exercise, let’s learn about space and more on the Saturday “Gayle on the VIRTUAL Go!” list. The pandemic is no excuse. Let’s get busy!

Take a look! Enjoy!


Move Across California: A Virtual Special Olympics Now Thru March 13th

Register! Donate!

Special Olympics Southern California

Special Olympics is keeping the athletic competition going despite the Covid-19 pandemic with this — MOVE ACROSS CALIFORNIA!  Athletes and their coaches will run, walk, swim, kayak, cycle, roller blade — just getting moving to eight virtual pit stops from San Diego to Sequoia National Park. Special Olympics Southern California president Calvin Lyon says competition cancellation was not an option and athlete Krystal Johnson says she is grateful!

We can register as an individual, start a team, join a team, —support her team — and donate at the website: Every dollar raised provides free year-round sports training and competitions for Special Olympics athletes.


Mars Rover Perseverance

Special is one way to describe the images transmitted from the Mars Perseverance Rover, which just recently landed on the Red Planet following its 300-million mile journey from Earth that began last July.   

The extremely high tech robotic rover is on a mission to study if there ever was life on the planet, paving the way for human exploration. We can hear sounds and see more spectaculars images from Mars on the website.   


Shelby Jacobs

NASA Apollo Engineer

The ability to see what’s happening in space can be credited to “Hidden Figure” Shelby Jacobs, the NASA engineer who designed the camera system so we could see the historic rocket separation of the April 1968 Apollo Six launch. The footage was the first to show the curvature of the Earth.

Learn more about “Hidden Figure” Shelby Jacobs on the website.

So, let’s make this a “…an explore space via pictures…” Saturday. Gayle Anderson, KTLA 5 News.




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