Sunday “Gayle on the *VIRTUAL* GO! Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Gayle on the Go

 It’s Sunday! It’s a day to explore and to learn something new. Despite the pandemic, here are some helpful Sunday “Gayle on the – VIRTUAL – Go!” suggestions. Take a look! Enjoy!


 “Liberation” by Joseph Paul Gerges

Judson Studios

   Award winning artist Joseph Paul Gerges is known for his drawing and printmaking. Add this to his resume. ”Liberation”, an artistic collaboration with the historic stained and fused glass company Judson Studios in Highland Park.   

   You can see the artist’s completed fused glass project with Judson Studios and what it took to create the massive piece on the Judson Studios Facebook page.  


Sundays at 12:45pm

Virtual Tour: Tropical Pacific Gallery

Aquarium of the Pacific

Tickets $19.00

   We can dive into colorful coral reefs on a guided animal expert virtual tour of the Tropical Pacific Gallery at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We can ask questions and meet members of the aquarium’s animal care team.  Today’s virtual experience begins at 12:45pm and costs $10.00. Tickets are available at


Virtual Field Trips

California Science Center

   Yes! Virtual field trips are available at the temporarily closed California Science Center.  The online adventures for teachers and students are designed for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. To see the schedule of topics as well as hands on activity guides or to build your own virtual field trip, go the website.  



Addicted to Americana

Charles Phoenix: The Ambassador of Americana

   This “true greatness” is a 1957 Plymouth Fury, one of the stars of the Charles Phoenix “Joyride” virtual car show. Phoenix, the Ambassador of America”; the Mid-century pop culture expert – produces a car salutes Mid-century automotive manufacturing and design.

   As Charles Phoenix says …“I know!” To see more mid-century automotive masterpieces, and his book “
Addicted to Americana”, take a JOYRIDE on his website,


So, let’s make this a “get out and about safely” Sunday. Gayle Anderson, KTLA 5 News.





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