Marsai Martin is a Hollywood powerhouse.

At just 17, she has solidified herself as an actress and producer.

When she was 10 years old, she pitched an idea for a film to executives at Universal, which ended up making her the youngest person to ever produce a studio film. That project was “Little” and starred herself alongside Issa Ray and Regina Hall.

While she doesn’t remember the entire meeting, she does remember she came prepared to “be a boss.”

Martin had us cracking up as Diane Johnson in ABC’s “Black-ish.” This past Spring the show say goodbye after eight years on television.

“It was probably one of the hardest days, for sure,” she explained. “When you’ve been on a show for eight-nine years, it’s crazy for anybody. It was just tears everywhere and I’m just grateful for the experience.”

Since wrapping the comedy, the young star has partnered with Eventbrite on a new mental health initiative for Gen-Z called the Social Connection Project.

“Gen-Z is on track to being the loneliest generation in history,” she explained. “Mainly because of all of the crazy things that has been going on. Of course we had the pandemic and all types of serious things going on that kind of forced us to stay in the house. Now kind of opening the doors again, it’s still been a bit iffy especially for teens my age.”

“Just making sure we decrease social isolation and bring back what we once had, which was social connections,” she said. “Because that’s what makes us human.”

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