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NY-based celeb trainer and founder of P.volve Stephen Pasterino joined us live with his new fitness tool called that will help you get rid of that annoying underarm flab.  The is an innovative hand locking system that creates a hands-free approach to resistance training. It allows for unique movements that create lines of definition where women desire it most. It’s a perfect resistance for multiple moves and maximum results.  Stephen is the founder of p.volve…a unique sculpting & toning method that so many Victoria’s Secret models are obsessed with. It’s a low impact, anti-pulse method that focuses on small, deliberate moves that tone and de-bulk the body. All of Stephen’s clients call him the butt master!  Through a mix of physical therapy, functional science and hip-opening exercises, Stephen teaches his clients how to activate and strengthen hard-to-target muscles without damaging or overworking your muscles.  P.volve has 2 public workout classes Stephen is hosting Thursday, July 19 and Saturday, July 21. For tickets, click HERE. And for more info on Stephen, the and the p.ball, you can go to their website, or follow them on social media.