Sookie and Michel are back together.

Former “Gilmore Girls” castmates Yanic Truesdale and Melissa McCarthy reunited for a new project for Netflix called “God’s Favorite Idiot.”

The collaboration came about all from a simple text.

Truesdale was quarantined in Montreal, in the dead of winter under a curfew, while McCarthy was in Australia with her husband Ben Falcone. She asked Truesdale if he’d like to come Down Under and play an angel for the new project.

“I called immediately and asked ‘when do I leave?'” Truesdale explained. “They thought of me for this part which is the greatest gift that they could’ve given me. First of all, to work together again. Number two, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and number three, it’s just a great project.”

Truesdale felt the series came at the perfect time due to its feel-good script amid a time of immense suffering surrounding the pandemic. The actor plays an archangel and sort of anoints Ben Falcone’s character to help the world. The comedic hijinks ensure shortly after.

Over twenty years ago, Truesdale and McCarthy first costarred alongside each other in the WB hit series “Gilmore Girls.” Truesdale famously played Michel Gerard, the sassy French concierge and McCarthy played Sookie St. James, the lovable chef.

Following the show’s success, McCarthy became a breakout star in hits like “Bridesmaids” and “Ghostbusters.” Truesdale isn’t at all surprised at the comedian’s rise to fame.

“I went to see all of her Groundlings shows and saw her perform a gazillion different characters and she was very special and very funny,” Truesdale said. “She certainly had the talent and I saw that from the start.”

“God’s Favorite Idiot” premieres on Netflix on June 15.