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spcaLA and ASPCA share four letters, but they are not affiliated. A CBS News investigation showed just where those national ASPCA donations go. The commercial campaign is memorable for its heartbreaking images and call for donations. Singer Sarah McLachlan asks, “Will you be an angel for a helpless animal?”

After debuting the ads more than a decade ago, the ASPCA’s revenues tripled and staff doubled. These resources are not being felt at SPCAs across the country. Groups like the spcaLA are not affiliated with the national organization. That means no money from the ASPCA to care for the thousands of animals that come through the spcaLA shelters. The CBS News investigation revealed about 40% of donations to the ASPCA go toward hands-on help with animals. This problem and the confusion have existed for a long time. The president of the spcaLA, serving Southern California since 1877, hopes the investigation will stop people from being misled.

Gayle Anderson reports for the KTLA 5 News on Aug. 5, 2021.