Have you heard of “Havening”?

It’s an alternative therapy that uses touch to mitigate feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s even catching on with some celebrities. Courtney Friel is checking it out for us for Friel Good Friday.

It’s a practice that was developed by a U.S. neuroscientist in 2010 and it’s slowly been catching on in the mental health world ever since.

Havening provides a “neurological reset” through receptors in the skin.

It’s a technique that clinical psychologist and applied neuroscientist Dr. Kate Truitt teaches her patients to help them deal with all sorts of mental and physical health issues.

“By gently rubbing our palms together like we’re washing our hands, or giving ourselves a gentle soothing hug, we’re giving our system oxytocin and serotonin, and dopamine, and down-regulating the brain into a state so that it can actually release trauma,” explains Truitt.

According to Truitt, havening involves gently stroking four touch points — hands, arms, forehead and under the eyes. The goal is to create new neural pathways in the brain to reduce symptoms related to negative experiences.