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Visionary5 President Jenna Barnett joined us live to show us which Safety Girl products make the best gifts for the holidays.

Jenna Barnett | President
Visionary5 | Public Relations
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Hydrosport by SHOLDIT $129.99
The perfect gift for the active lifestyle! The most frustrating part of hiking, biking, or walking for exercise is the annoyance of carrying the items you need: your cell phone, keys, water bottle, etc. Because of this, many either forgo bringing along these essentials or risk carrying them insecurely. That’s why SHOLDIT has invented Hydrosport so men and women can easily and comfortably carry their important essentials while being active. Hydrosport is a unisex compression-fit sports pack that allows wearers to conveniently carry their cell phone, wallet, keys, energy snack, one liter of hydration, and more.


BerryBreeze $49.95
Your refrigerator is a breeding ground for odors, molds, yeasts, and fungi that make fresh produce and meats spoil and unsafe to eat. Keep your produce safe and fresh for up to 10 days longer with BerryBreeze!

BerryBreeze is a compact device that safely filters and cleans the air in your fridge. Unlike products claiming similar benefits, BerryBreeze is a chemical-free, filter-free, and absorption pack-free solution, making it safest way to prolong the life of your fresh foods. BerryBreeze’s patented time release of oxygen neutralizes bacteria and mold, eliminates pollutants, and keeps foods fresh for up to ten days longer.  Special 2-for-1 promo going on now through Christmas!


iMagnet Mount $22.99
The first magnetic cell phone mount that fits any phone, from a small Blackberry to a large iPhone 6 Plus. No more fiddling with complex plastic machinery or clamps to hold your phone, just effortlessly pop your phone onto the magnet pad and it grips your phone. Patented sticky-gel suction cups mount on any non-porous textured surface, like dashboards and windshields. Great as a gift for someone who commutes and can multitask safely while driving.


BACtrack Vio $50
It’s no secret that Safety Girl is a huge fan of the breathalyzer, but the one issue I’ve always had with them is the fact that most people forget to bring along their breathalyzer when their on the go. The BACtrack Vio solves this problem. This breathalyzer is so tiny, it’s a key chain! BACtrack Vio syncs to your smartphone to measure your BAC and it even tells you when your BAC will be at 0.00 again so you know when you’re safe to drive. Finally, a breathalyzer you’ll never leave home without!


Board Blazers $24.99
Kids and teens love riding their skateboards and scooters, and while parents take safety precautions by providing their kids with helmets and pads, there is still the fear of your child being struck by a car. That’s why Board Blazers invented Underlights for skateboards and scooters! These LED lights attach to the underside of a skateboard or scooter instantly making them more visible to traffic at night or in the morning. The best part is, kids and teens LOVE the “cool factor” of Board Blazers!


Well Kept Cleansing Towels $4.99
The perfect stocking stuffer to keep your whole family safe from germs! Did you know your smartphone carries more germs than a toilet handle? Yuck. Well Kept offers packs of 15 stylish cleansing towelettes that sanitize smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. These savvy packs are compact in size and feature a trendy design and reliable closure, making them a breeze to remember to toss in your bag for on-the-go sanitation.


The Tummy Shield $169
A must-have gift for moms-to-be! Experts in the field say seat belts just aren’t made for pregnant women, as they pose a serious risk. The Tummy Shield is a seat belt positioning device for moms-to-be that safely keeps a vehicle seat belt away from the pregnant belly, making car rides much more safe and comfortable. The Tummy Shield redirects the compression of the lap portion of the seat-belt away from the pregnant mother’s belly effectively minimize the risk of having the seat belt intrude into a pregnant tummy in the event of a crash or sudden braking.