Hope for Prisoners helping ex-prisoners reenter the workforce and their families

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Founder and CEO Jon Ponder joined us live to tell us all about Hope for Prisoners. Hope for Prisoners assists with reentry by providing the formerly incarcerated long-term support and services as they work to reclaim their lives, families and standing in the community. They give these people hope. Hope changes lives. Founder Jon Ponder found himself returning to his community after spending time in prison and experienced firsthand the same challenges most face when they are released. He realized there was a lack of long-term support and guidance for those who learned from their mistakes and had a genuine desire to change the direction of their lives. From his personal experience and his passion to help those facing the same challenges he overcame, HOPE for Prisoners was born. For more information, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram @HopeforPrisoners.

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