There’s a new way to play with Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a game that mixes the real world with the virtual world.

“It’s a game that allows you to play a collection of Hot Wheels cars and actually shrink yourself down and drive around your living room,” said Dan Doptis of Velan Studios, the game’s maker.

The key component is a $130 dollar car, which designers call the chameleon. It’s much bigger than your typical Hot Wheels car and has a camera on top.

“It has the ability to simulate and adapt and change the way it drives based on your digital collection and whatever car you’re selecting in the game,” said Doptis.

The rechargeable car connects wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad or PlayStation 4 or 5.

The companion game is a free download.

The camera on top of the car powers the entire experience. It lets the car see the world around you and turns your living space into a mixed reality experience.

This means you’ll see a mix of real and digital while you play.

You can race around your place in freestyle mode or compete in themed courses.

The box comes with four cardboard gates that magically transform on screen into something much more visual.

The more you play, the more cars you unlock.

If the game feels familiar, that’s because it is.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally comes from the same game studio behind 2020’s Mario Kart Live. That was fun, but required a pricey piece of hardware – the Nintendo Switch. This version of the game should be much more accessible since it can run on iOS devices. You can even have friends join in with their cars, which could keep the gameplay exciting.

“With this product, we’re really going for a completely new fantasy, it’s that vehicle fantasy of being able to have a digital collections and play it in this unique different way within your house,” concluded Doptis.

Hot Wheels Rift Rally launches March 14, 2023.