Usher is definitely doing Las Vegas his way.

“There’s a little skating, there’s a little bit of dancing, a little bit of singing, a little talking, a little bit of jam session out in the audience,” the superstar explained.

This past weekend he kicked-off his latest residency at the Dolby Live at the Park MGM, changing from his previous venue, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

“The Dolby Live was an amazing venue that I’d seen some incredible performers in. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak were just here. Got a chance to see the show. Got a chance to see the room, feel the room it’s like ‘man this feels like a really really cool intimate space,'” he said of the location switch. “So, part of it is, one: the physical room. The second half is, they were interested and we managed to work out something that I felt would really, really allow me to put on the type of show that I would want to for my fans.”

With many big names taking up space in the entertainment scene along the Strip, the “My Boo” singer is the only one who’s strapping on a pair of rollerskates while singing along to his hits.

Yes, there’s an actual skating rink on the stage.

“I’ve always wanted to skate onstage. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and to actually make that a part of the show was great,” he revealed. “People loved it! It went viral! There’s viral videos out there of me skating and I’m like ‘Wait. Hey, they like this. More!’ They say ‘Vegas, give them more.'”

“To skate in that way and to be that triple-threat and do something that nobody else really does on the stage, that’s where I live,” he said.

For fans hoping to catch the show, you’re going to want to pull out that special outfit.

“One thing I see that’s really great, is people are really dressed. So, I would definitely encourage people to put on your best,” the singer explained. “You know if you look at the ad you see me in a suit and it feels a little bit more classic, there’s going to be a lot of that. Although you’re coming in your best, I still want you on your feet and have a good time.”

The “Confessions” singer encouraged all fans to catch the show, especially those in Los Angeles since a flight to Sin City isn’t long at all.

“Escape. Get away. Be in the fantasy in the immersive nature of what this show is.” he said. “Come on and have a good time with us. I’m going to put on a show for you, for sure.”

Usher’s My Way: The Las Vegas Residency at the Park MGM is happening now with dates also in August, September and October.

For ticket information, head here.